at the moment I am trying to find out
- what my research will be about.
the what, the how,
What does iT mean to show?
People you know, participating? To be recognized? To share identity?
the attention of the public is changing, expectation arise full attention in confined spaces pressure
but also the sensation that your are bringing people with
space plays a crutial role
comparison with the paleis, where the attention was diffused
clothes were more important, the artist suit working but casual
rather then a normal person
floor was moving less
applause not responding to it - it is about the work
reviews here also what do some people understand
I speak to a few- to make them understand
reviews considerate a performance which it isn’t I like people to get closer and look, that they come wiht me and look;
— future try to gain that maybe see what it is to challenge that how to make look more?
it is directly the public I am working with if I have to take them in conisderation
Place in theoretical context
The floor
Thorough - compare /scientific

automatic writing -

Filtered thoughts

go deeper
I am trying to find out, really what it is that I am wanting to do.
What it is to find a place in the world and hold on to it.
What was I thinking before the words came, how can i think in colours or in shapes what does it do?
It feels as a kind of expansion. The mind is boucing through thoughts creating space finding other words thoughts not yet thought waking things up, which things?
But if words are a convention, how can we think without them?
influence of all, I see look, plunge the I the I, always me withtin, thinking thoughts of words and think further, what happens if I write standing, or in the cold?
What if I write in bed, when I wake up? During my sleep?
A kind of guinee pig of myself, fulfill the gap,
Doesn’t matter write every word and clean up afterwords.
I could find strategies to think further, and then somehow,
yes the public is there, you are showing sharing what? and where?
There is still something magnificent about these human expressions.
Could everything that anyone does; be art, yes, maybe everything is worth seeing, maybe there could be an exhibition on clay ashtrays for example, a clay ashtray a day, imagine if this was the norm?
So it is about validation, people looking approving, seeing it brings something new like the internet, we are are own curators and choose what we want to see.
But why art then?institutions lay on an outdated tradition, there could be and should be a place to look for every taste possible
Money is the problem always and that can’t be solved within the arts but on wordwide plane.
take a text and click on it.
it is about the momentum trying to find out?
2 gathering texts related/topice of interest gleaning